Monday, June 11, 2007

Lets Go Fly a Kite!

(Warning: Photo intensive post. Although the nature pictures are here for your enjoyment, if you are actually here for knitting/spinning content, skip to the end as there actually is some this week!)

So, lets start with the weekend stuff. What a Nature Monday! I went out on Sunday to Lake Draper with my Dad and we drove around and played with our cameras. Check out what we snapped:

A cool looking Buckeye butterfly.

We rescued a turtle from the middle of the road. (I look unhappy because I am mentally scolding the turtle for being careless.) That's not all that I took, but since I have so much else to show you, the rest may have to wait for future Nature Monday entries that I don't have time to go take a picture for.

'What else do you have to show us?' you might ask. Why, later on that evening it rained and I got some really cool pictures of this rainbow over our house.

There were also these really cool little spiders building their webs before the rain came. Check out the webage in my garden:

While I was watching him build his web he snatched up a gnat that got stuck and totally didn't wrap it up or anything. Right down the hatch it went. Go little spider, go! No more gnats in my house.

Today, Rick and I went out and we flew some kites!

It was great fun! I don't remember ever flying a kite before, so if I did I was waaaayyy too little to remember, so this was a first for me. We flew them in a field in front of our little residential area, and were joined by a golfer who wanted to swing a few and a radio air-plane dude. It was great fun.

What do you mean that this is supposed to be a knitting blog? Aren't I allowed to get distracted with this sort of stuff? Oh, well, since you insist, here is a sock that I've been knitting on the last couple of weeks:

I'm knitting the Flame Wave socks from Interweave Knits' Favorite Socks book. I will tell you that I am absolutely enamored with this book. It is totally worth it to not have to fumble through 20 or so magazines to try to find that sock pattern that is just perfect and I could have sworn was in one of these magazines. This may possibly get me knitting socks more often and working off some of that sock yarn stash that Fae helped me build. This is by far one of the best sock pattern books that I've seen in awhile.

Oh, some spinning too? My what demanding readers you all are lately. Oh well, what the public wants, the public gets!

This is some falkland that I bought from Fae last year! I had a bit of it on the bobbin and another four oz. that I'd already spun up. I decided that it had marinated long enough and pulled it out. I figured that it's a fast, enjoyable spin that will allow me to clear out a bobbin for some of the new stuff I recently acquired. I don't have very much left (maybe an oz.), so if I have time after I get my chores done, I may be able to get this spun up, too. Wish me luck!


FaerieLady said...

Wanted to post on your blog before I left this morning... great pictures, and isn't it nice to work on socks that you enjoy??

Have fun, y'all stay safe and all that, ok?

soxchik said...

I love those socks. How do you like that stretchy Cascade yarn? Also, I love your kite photos. I miss the big Oklahoma sky. I used to stare at it all of the time like some kind of weirdo.

Carol said...

Aha! There's the photo you moved! The sock looks great and do your photos! Cool closeup of the butterfly:)

Joy said...

Kae sent me some lovely fluff a while ago, and some of it looks like that lovely yarn on your spindle!

Now, I have a stupid question. What's Eye Candy Friday, and how can I play?