Tuesday, July 24, 2007

So I've Been Giving Some Thought

to the relationship that we as spinners/knitters/crocheters/weavers(if you're out there) have to spiders. You see, there has been this very lovely orb-weaver that has been chilling outside of our garage for about the last week. (Please do her justice and click to make her big...unless you're an arachnophobic)

For those of you who do not own a copy of The Knitting Goddess I recommend taking a peak at the story of Arachne.

It has really been amazing watching this orb-weaver every night rebuild her web and wait for her evening meal. Rick and I have been really careful not to disturb her as we've seen her catch moths, gnats, flies and a number of mosquitoes.

In tribute to her, here is some yarn that I have spun lately for Le Toure de Fleece. Shown in progression as spun daily:

Oh, so you want to see a picture of a finished object, huh? How about the Absorba the Great Bathmat that I was working on awhile back? It has it's new home on the floor in my guest bathroom now, right below the Chevron Stripes Towel that I knit, both patterns from Mason Dixon Knitting.


Carol said...

That came out really nice! I can't click on spider big! I'm ascared!

soxchik said...

Your spinning is so fine and uniform, Spiderwoman!