Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Little on the Busy Side

So last Monday, I found a lily that had been broken in the backyard by our lovely Noir. I tell you what, we didn't even know that we had a lily blooming! I definitely didn't expect to find 'mystery flowers' this late in the season, but this new home has given us all sorts of surprises!

So there's Nature Monday out of the way. This weekend I got to meet my three week old nephew, Braxton that I had been talking about awhile back. I gave him the hat, Baby Genius Burp Cloth, and the washcloth that I had knit for him. He's just now up to 7 lbs., so he's gained 2 lbs. since he was born. The hat got rave reviews!

Finally, I was able to finish my Le Toure de Fleece project on Saturday night. 4 oz. of falkland from Fae ready to be washed! I don't know the yardage just yet, I haven't had enough time to actually wash it with Rick's family being in town. I have big plans for this yarn, so I'm hoping I have enough of it to make a project for Project Spectrum out of it!

Rick and I have been painting in our spare bedroom since our room-mates moved out. Maybe next Monday it'll be done so I can show you!


Xia Diaz said...

He's so adorable! And the hat looks precious on him!

Carol said...

Nothing more fun than having a gorgeous baby to knit for! Your new yarn looks luscious!

FaerieLady said...

Beautiful baby with handknits, beautiful yarn... room painting going on... man, y'all have been busy :-)

Reminds me. Gotta go level the floor in my hallway closet. Then tile it, so I can put a litter box in there. LOL

soxchik said...

Now that's a cute little guy!

Anonymous said...

Soooo cute!!! Hey, on that Revelry site... I noticed some lovely fingerless mermaid gloves... Looks a lot like arm warmers to me.... :)
Love Mom