Tuesday, August 07, 2007


So there's no nature picture this week, nor any pictures of knitting or spinning. I've been a little torn lately (and a bit burnt out from the knitting and spinning).

Let me set this up for you:
The company (right now I'd rather not say who, although you may know or I may have previously mentioned it) that I work for has their operational headquarters in another state. Where I work I'm at the head of the food chain for the line of work that I do without having to go to the other state.

Two positions above me just came open (nothing bad, the other people were transferred to another part of the company) , and since I'm already associated with the line of work that they need filled, it's pretty much a shoe-in that I'd be able to get the position. To put it this way-I would have to yell, curse, scream, and throw the phone across the room when the interviewer calls me (if I apply, which I haven't yet) in order to not get the job. There is a very significant pay raise if I do go to the other state and take the job. This is quite possibly an excellent step in the right direction for my future with the company or just for myself in general even if I decide not to stay in the company.

However (yes, you knew I'd get to the bad part):
I would be leaving behind my family and friends, in addition to leaving everything that I'm comfortable with and know behind for a scary, new place where I wouldn't know anybody or know my way around and it would be a 6 hour drive to go visit. It is uncertain if our company would find Rick a job within the company (we work for the same place) since he would need to transfer, too. We just purchased our first house, and it is uncertain if we would have to eat costs on it even if the company we work for helps us move.

This is a very, very difficult decision to make. Rick is very supportive, and doesn't want me to base my decision on whether he would be able to find a job or not (he's such a good husband). If I do apply and get the job, things would move very quickly-I would be required to move and be up there ready to work within 2-3 weeks with little time to prepare or move.

So I'm torn. It's hard that I'm the only one who can make this decision and that it may either make us or break us. I'm not a big risk taker.

Right now I'm collecting the thoughts and opinions of others (in case I've overlooked or forgotten something). So, what do you think?


Aubrey said...

Hon, do it. With no regrets. It will be hard, but you are young, and Rick is supportive. After all, there is this thing called the internet to keep friends and family connected. This is a wonderful opportunity for one so young, and could lead to so much more - look at all the glass ceilings you could break! It's OK to be afraid - just don't let fear root you to the spot. "What if" will haunt you... HUG, Aubrey

FaerieLady said...

I'm with Aubrey. Opportunity knocks, but you're the one that has to open the door. *I'd* try to drive out six hours to see you :-) I may not be *good* at it, but I'd try. Besides... not to be rude, but you've kicked ass at that company for a long time. You deserve to be raking in the big bucks... and you're husband is pretty awesome too!

soxchik said...

As somebody who "up and leaves" every few years, I understand your fears and feelings. It's very unsettling to leave your comfort zone. It usually takes me six months to adjust. I kind of like the nomadic life. You should give it a try.

Carol said...

Go for it, all is in your favor. Only you can move you forward, or keep yourself where you are. Everything will eventually fall into place and comfort zones are moveable too. Not enough? Hellooo, more yarn money ;) You're not in the mood to create right now cause you're center of balance is off due to job (stress). Aren't you glad you asked?