Monday, July 09, 2007

So I'm a Joiner

Aren't those orchids funky looking? I thought they were just the greatest when I saw them at the Crystal Gardens. Just the most perfect little star shapes.

So I'm a joiner. I found myself, in the timeframe of about 24 hours joining not one but TWO fibery-stuff-a-longs and a webring associated with one of them. I joined Le Tour de Fleece (button will be posted tonight) and my personal challenge will be to spin up 4 oz of falkland dyed by Fae so that I can have a bobbin free to spin up the second ply for the alpaca/silk blend shown below.

I also joined MS 3 and the MS 3 web ring. I went to Aloutte beadery yesterday and bought some beads to go with some black cashmere laceweight I bought a long long time ago. I can't wait! I can't start until tonight, though, because my ex-room-mate (moved out this weekend, good terms-see below) is coming over to do some computer surgery.

What computer surgery? The worst kind-REFORMATTING my computer. It's for a good reason though, and everything's all backed up. It was acting kind of buggy, and I wanted to add my second hard-drive and partition it to have Vista on one hd and my XP Media on the other. He also was resetting up our web again (he took his web-router with him) and our network between our two computers (since ours were networked through his and of course he didn't leave his computer behind).

Oh! So I finished the Baby Genius Burp cloth from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I made it a bit bigger than the one in the book, but I used a different yarn, too, so I guess that's to be expected. Here it is out on my ageratum:

I also gave away three washcloths I knit awhile back. I knit two kitchen washcloths and one bathroom washcloth for Tommy, our now ex-room-mate. I couldn't show you until now because it was a gift. :)

I also spun up some alpaca/silk singles before I decided to join in on Tour de Fiber. It's some of the stuff that I bought at Rendezvous and it is SOOOOO soft!

See you when my computer's back up and running!

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Carol said...

Good luck with the PC! Love your burp cloth and your roomie's cloths too! You do such nice work :) Love that orchid! So unusual..."See" you soon I hope!