Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Just a Little Late...

But isn't that the story of my life? How about some lovely orchids to make up for it? These oncidiums were just perfectly shadowed for some tinting:

(I really just need to put in my sidebar to click pics to make bigger)

Another picture from the Crystal Gardens downtown. Oh, in answer to your question, Carol, I only wish I was talented enough to have built a suncatcher like that. I am honored that you think that I might be talented enough to have made it, however I took that back at the Arts Festival in May.

Now for some spinning content! I've been hammering some yarn out at my wheel this week. I finished that falkland I was spinning, all 440 yards of it.

Displayed on a crocheted baby blanket that I got halfway through and then FORGOT about. I just found it the other day and am going to make it for my new nephew Braxton. The yarn, however, is a fingering-weight yarn that may become socks. Another lovely dye-job from Fae (out currently at boot camp).

Oh, you want to see it closer?

For a demo for my friend Sabrina, who wanted to see the entire spinning process from start to stop I also spun up some quick silk/wool batts that were gifted from Fae, but dyed and carded by the Silkworker.

We also carded some of the chartreuse rambouillet with some nylon firestar while she was over, although it's hard to see the firestar in the artificial light of my flash. When I finish spinning it, I will have to take a nice outside picture of it so that you may see how absolutely awesome this stuff looks.

Oh, I almost forgot! I went out shopping yesterday evening with my MiL and FiL. They took me out and they bought some makeup and clothes for me. They took me out to eat at Cattlemen's (had never been, but maaaaan was it good) and they also bought one last thing for me:

(little lamb doll added to make this admissible as knitting blog content)
A real honest-to-goodness Coach purse!!! My Mom had been talking to me for awhile, and Rick had gotten it in his head that I needed one, and so he told my MiL that I wanted one for my birthday and voila! A Coach purse! I feel so trendy and...Wendy.

Oh, and my room-mate and his girlfriend are moving out this weekend. I guess I ought to get out my bathmat I was working on and get on it!


Carol said...

Nice score on the Coach bag! The style is right my alley too :) Every knitter should have her/his own pet sheepie. I still think it's realistic that you could have made the suncatcher. I've seen your work! And you crochet too! Yay, I always feel validated when my friends come up with a pretty crocheted item!

soxchik said...

Your MIL should meet my MIL. Jerry's mom is always buying the the designer bags.