Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Finished Project Parade!

(I apologize in advance for the photo-intensive post)

So yesterday I stepped outside into my backyard and was greeted by this handsome fellow. I haven't yet had the opportunity to find out what kind of swallowtail he is, but he graced me with some lovely photos.

So you were here for the goods, huh? You want finished items? I got your finished projects right here! The last month has been all about finishing projects. The last knitting related post had my afghan in it, but are you really, really ready for this?

How about a everlasting bagstopper? MAN can this thing stretch!

Artsy-Fartsy Marcy the sock monster approves of the vast stretchage.

Hey! Didn't I already post a picture of this sock awhile back? I'm pretty sure I did.

Just more proof that the longer that socks sit in the WIP bin, the more they multiply! (The yarn is Tofutsies, the pattern is Alison's ankle socks)

Hey! There's a Monkey hanging from my tree!

Gorbo, Marcy's b/f, approves of all of the sock completion going on. I fear he is secretly plotting to hijack them and turn them into fellow sock monsters. His plot will fail.

One last thing-I have been working on this:

More on that later. Whew! I'm tired after all of that!

Next week: A New Companion (hopefully)


Carol said...

Holy cow! That's a ton of FOs! I just love the sock pals, they're too cute! I have Alison's socks on my to do list! Yours are great!

Eric & Tony said...

Great FOs! and Artsy-Fartsy Marcy the sock monster is so cute.

Goddessjoy said...

Wowza! You've been busy! It all looks so good!

soxchik said...

Dang, you're a busy bee!