Thursday, November 29, 2007

I know I haven't been the most diligent blogger for the last month and a half, and I've done really well this year up until this point. I don't think I'll apologize, though, because honestly, I just didn't feel like it. I've had things to show-I've finished knitting some things and some spinning, too, and interesting things have happened along the way. I just couldn't bring myself to the computer to upload my pictures and make a post.

To make up for it, here's a picture I took awhile back at the botanical gardens. Even though it was taken in a structured environment, I think it looks very fall-like, which is appropriate since we had our first (wannabe) snow last night.

That spinning I finished? I've been having a hard time getting an acurate photo of it since it has so much silver, flash glitz in it. So here's a better photo of it as singles before it became plyed yarn:

Maybe I'll take a better picture of it outside when the weather and my camera cooperate.

Oh, and I knit myself a scarf out of some lovely Malabrigo:

It's the My So-Called Scarf pattern, and it took one of the two balls of Malabrigo to get 54 inches worth of scarf. I have enough I think to squeeze a hat out of the second ball and maybe a pair of (short) armwarmers.

The pictures are actually of it in it's unfinished state-I still had about 15 inches or so left to go on it. You can't really tell, though. I'll take a picture of it again in it's finished state when I make the hat and armwarmers.
I have more finished stuff to show you, too. I've finished three washcloths and gotten 1/4 ways through a wrap. Rick has picked up the needles and finished his scarf he's been working on, as well as a hat to match and a washcloth, as well. I think he found he likes making washcloths because he's making a second one. I've been trying to find him projects that have different techniques every time, because he's catching on fast and I know he's wanting to knit some more advanced projects.

Maybe some more pictures, next time.

Penny says, "Thank you for all of the really nice comments about me. I'm really starting to get comfortable and don't mind having pictures of me taken anymore. I'm getting used to strangers coming over all the time, and I like treats."


Nell said...

Don't apologize for not blogging. It's supposed to be fun, right? And doing something you don't want to do just isn't fun.

That being said, good to see you're back.

FaerieLady said...

Like you'll hear anything from me about your blogging break... yeah, so not gonna happen. lol

Eric & Tony said...

OOH the Malibrigo is lovely and the perfect yarn for MSCS.

Carol said...

Oh how cool Rick is knitting and Penny is settled in! Love your new scarf, the color is great! Can't wait to see your yarn all done too :)

soxchik said...

You've been busy, you're allowed to be busy. By the way does Penny try to sleep with you?