Thursday, December 06, 2007

Some Blog Food

So, no nature pic this week and ya wanna know why? I was able to take all of my pictures outside! In the daylight even! This is an accomplishment as I work evening shift and sleep until noon, as some of you who know me well already know.

I have a huge surprise for you, too!

That would be a picture of my Mom, wearing her long awaited armwarmers! I finally settled on a pattern, Fetching, and it was perfect for the Karaoke I'd bought long ago for this project.

They were very well received. Mom says they keep her nice and toasty at her job.

Where did this scarf come from, you say? Why Rick made it! He finished his scarf a couple of weeks back and has really picked up knitting. So far he's made this scarf, a matching hat, two washcloths, and is wanting to start on a pair of armwarmers!

This is a washcloth I made awhile back out of some Cotlin. It's made from the Ripple Washcloth pattern. It was a nice quick, done in one evening washcloth, as was this one:

Which was made from the Baby Fern pattern.

Oh, and one last thing-I started on the Hemlock Ring Blanket recently, too. I don't have a picture of it yet, so it will have to wait!


FaerieLady said...

Ooooo look at all the knitting pictures... both of you are waaaaaay up on me :P

Anonymous said...

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soxchik said...

Yay!!!!!!! Gorgeous stuff and real daylight too!

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Shift work is hard-- take care of yourself!