Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm Not a Zombie Yet!

So, I'm still around, I promise. We've been busily working on the nursery, and although it was taken at night, here is a sneak peek of nursery-in-progress:

We have picked a name, too! I don't think that I want to post it on the web, however, since you never know who's reading. I would be more than willing to tell you what it is if you comment with replies allowed or email me. :)

I have also been working on baby things, but somehow have a lack of pictures of them. That's ok, though, because I did manage to get a picture of some yarn I've spun lately. This is a carded silk batt from Gwen with Fiber Clouds, purchased at Rendezvous this year:

I am thinking that I may make something a bit extravagant for the baby out of the silk. Perhaps some baby booties or a cap? There's 161 yds. of it, so whatever I make, it'll have to be somewhat smallish-not difficult for baby stuff.

I also finished a silk/alpaca/wool blend from Susan's Spinning Bunny. Rather, I finishsed 3 oz out of 9 oz, or one ball of it. I'm keeping it broken down in the 3 oz. amounts to spin since my bobbins hold 4 oz. each, and I don't want to end up with just one little bit left at the end.

It took me forever to finish that 3 oz. though-I think I started spinning on it back in February.

Another bit of good news to cap off the updates: Rick has finished sanding and staining my Kromski Symphony and my accessories for it! I think we're going to work on Wood Beaming it tonight and maybe I'll be able to get it put together again pretty soon! Whoot!


Carol said...

Aw! The nursery is gorgeous! Of course I want to know! ;-) Aren't you about due? I keep checking in waiting for news! I love what you've spun and the best part about baby things is they're small!

Rachel said...

Wow, you have been so so busy! I would love to know your baby's name! I bet it is something fantastic. Beautiful spinning work. I am just having issues getting myself in the groove to get going on A project, let alone spinning or painting! ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

Cutest nursery ever! Did you paint the pictures-- because I love that idea.

Carol said...

Are you a mommy yet? I've been thinking of you :)