Friday, January 30, 2009

15 Random thoughts

(Handspun yarn details at bottom-click for big)

1. It occurred to me the other day that I think that as we search for and ultimately utilize alternative fuels that it may be likely that we will end up living in a world where wood becomes more valuable than gold. Right now I wonder if we don't value oil more than gold in terms of importance, which seems odd since as long as we have been roaming the planet we have weighed cost against gold.

2. I think that perhaps the only way that we will return to a barter-trade society is if we are forced into smaller, more isolated communities again. I don't really see that happening in our lifetime.

3. I am curious as to what Obama intends to do about the immediate issues with the economy, since 33% of his stimulus plan will not go into effect until next year as tax cuts. How disappointing.

4. If zombies were to start taking over the planet today, I think that perhaps I would not be as prepared as I'd like to be, although I am somewhat certain I could last until the zombies ran out of food to eat and expired (this is assuming that we are dealing with the type of zombies animated by virus, not by magic).

5. St. Bernards really do love the cold. I was surprised to see Penny outside eating the ice in the middle of winter. It's not like she was hot in 20 degree weather.

6. I think that Rod Blagojevich deserves to spend a long, long time in federal prison. If there is an embodiment to why people do not trust politicians, he is it. A snake. Absolutely a snake.

7. It's really strange to me that news anchors can talk about such horrible things happening and still smile while saying it. Do they even actually read what the teleprompter says, or do they just skim and say it?

8. I never thought that it would be so amusing to watch a baby figure out that backwards is in fact a valid direction of transportation.

9. People do not appreciate each other often enough sometimes. Even if the other person is doing something very small for you, say 'thank you'. Especially if that person is your elder.

10. There should be a drinking game where every time on CNN they say 'new development' you take a drink. Believe it or not, I think that it would increase awareness in current events.

11. People should be more aware of what they are putting on their bodies. I don't know how many times that I've looked on the back of a bottle of lotion or shampoo and read an ingredient such as 'tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate' and wondered what on earth that was and how they make it. For all we know (unless you really do know what that ingredient is) it could be a fancy name for pig hoof clippings.

12. Along the same line, why do we need color-change Kool-Aid? What makes the color change? What was wrong with the regular old Kool-Aid? I understand, perhaps, the need for color-less Kool-Aid, since kids are really messy sometimes, but why color-changing Kool-Aid?

13. I was watching Ghost Hunters International this week, and they covered a place in Sweden. The part of the episode was the 'Haunted House of Priests'. When they started covering the basis of the ghost story, I realized that I already knew the story. I read it years ago in grade school when I was into reading big books of ghost stories. Go figure. It was neat to see them actually cover the location I had read about.

14. I don't understand where the name for rap music comes from. It seems to me that they should call it 'rhyming poetry to music', since that's essentially what it is. Also, I think that French rap sounds humorous.

15. More people should learn how to take care of plants. Even if they don't actually own them or harvest them or whatnot, the knowledge may come in handy some day. Perhaps if more people knew how to garden, they might care more about taking care of our planet.

(1. Lorna's Laces wool, navajo-plied, 409 yds, 27 wpi, fingering weight
2&3. Pastel bamboo single, Fiberclouds, 297 yds, 25-33 wpi)


soxchik said...

Wow Cassa, I think you need a talk show just for your random thoughts. And they sure are random! Zombies, Ha. I am always worrying about those guys.

Nell said...

Crap. Now I have to go prepare for the zombies... ;)