Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Knitting Rut

So here I am, sitting, again. I think that when springtime comes I get so distracted by flowers and gardening that I feel uninspired to do anything else. Sure, I've been looking at this Zephyr, looking back to me, wanting to be turned into Laminaria, but I just keep looking back at it, thinking, 'maybe tomorrow'.

My wheel keeps calling to me from the craft room, saying, 'I have this wonderful bamboo that you started! Why don't you come and spin a whorl or two?' Instead, I watch baby c play with her toys on the floor and look out at the cardinals on the bird-feeder we recently put up out in the yard. It's like I don't even hear my trusty wheel, or perhaps I hear it but am ignoring it since I can't think of a good enough excuse to give it.

I keep watching baby c grow and grow and change and look back thinking 'where did all that time go?' I don't have an answer. I certainly don't have much knitting to show for it. I look at some of her pictures from when she was born, or even this time last year when I was pregnant. Time is so deceiving, altering the way we live and replacing each day with the one after and the next one and sweeping the snippets of what's left under the rug.

Each day in my garden a new flower is blooming and another is dropping it's petals in the breeze. I go outside and see the old flower gone and wonder if I appreciated the bloom while it was still there.

I hope so.

Perhaps I keep coming back and looking at Laminaria is because I want it to read 'Luminaria'. Instead of kelp, a bit more light on dim thoughts.


Rachel said...

I completely understand. I'm knitting, but just things I have to. I'm waiting to be completely inspired!

Anonymous said...

And before you know it, Baby C will be going to school for her first day, then going into band, and graduating... and then you'll be holding her hand and saying... PUSH and your new grand daughter graces the world with her beauty...

Carol said...

What a beautiful post!