Monday, March 21, 2005

Hum Drum

So not much has gone on in the knitting realm lately. I've mostly been unknitting-that is, I've been frogging a lapghan that I decided was far too thick to be functional.

I also purchased a hard crayon box to protect my small projects that need dpns, like my socks. I hope that this purchase will keep me from dropping stitches when I drop my projects in my purse, and keep needles from jabbing me in the side...etc. It's been a good purchase so far.

[non-knitting related news]
Other than that, I've been combating problems with our water-heater, which has been a big mess that has flooded the area outside of our apartment and left us without hot water for about three days. You don't know what 'smells raunchy' means until you've lived with two men for three days who haven't taken a shower. Eugh... ::shudder::

Also, I helped Tommy assemble a new desk-twice. The first time it collapsed when the particle board got bumped and totally ripped out four woodscrews. There was saw-dust everywhere. The second time was much more successful, and Dad's coming by tonight to pick up his old desk for one of my step-brothers.

Ah-I've also been playing a lot of a game called World of Warcraft. I love that game-it's great. It's very similar to Everquest, except I like it way better than I liked Everquest.

In fact, I'm off to go play it now.
[/non-knitting related news]

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