Sunday, March 27, 2005

Pictures! Come get your pictures!

Ah hah! An update! Everyone's excited about updates, right?

Well-the carpet beetle scare is just about over. After cedaring our entire apartment and yarn-freezing, we haven't seen not a one in a week. Whoo! And no more eaten-up yarn! Even more whoo!

Also, I've finally broken down and decided that I was going to make Rogue . I've been drooling over this pull-over for about a month or so now. Rick finally decided to permit me to buy more yarn as I have been making an effort at stash-reduction. I'll be making it in this yarn that I ordered from I'm so excited! I should be receiving the yarn by Wednesday, and I've already ordered and printed off the pattern in anticipation!

And here are some pictures that I promised:

Color-Postmodern Leg Warmer Posted by Hello

Postmodern Leg Warmers Posted by Hello

Closed knitting needle holder Posted by Hello

Lantern Moon knitting needle holder Posted by Hello

I also thought that I'd give you folks a little treat in keeping with the title of my blog:

Orchid from botanical garden trip

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