Sunday, April 17, 2005

haha! (also known as the defeat of the first sweater)

I have been working madly, furiously for the past two weeks or so now on the grey/purple striped sweater that I believe I have pictured somewhere around here. The reason(s)?

1. I received the yarn for Rogue, and I wanted to have this done to make room for my new hoodie project

2. I have been trying to finish projects before adding to my stash (yeah, right)

3. I ordered some laceweight yarn from I have big plans to start a lace shawl in the weeks coming

and the last but not least reason:

4. I'M GOING TO THE KNIT OUT AT THE SWAK CORRAL!!!!! I'm going to take the class on Nordic knitting with Kristin Spurkland and I'm going to make a mobius with Candace Eisner Stick!! And MAGGIE JACKSON is going to be there! ::dies::

...I put down my deposit for it this week and already requested my time off from work. Rick's going to come with me, as they have things to do for spouses. Three whole DAYS of knitting goodness!!! AHHH!!!!

How far have you gotten on your long un-finished sweater, might you ask? I have completed all knitting but the little bit that I have to do to fix the neckline, and then all I have to do is work in yarn ends and seam it up!

I have also almost completed the homespun throw that I also believe was previously featured here. Just finishing those two projects has GREATLY reduced the amount of yarn in my stash.!?

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