Sunday, March 13, 2005

Oh no!

So I found out that we have carpet beetles-these gross little, tiny brownish bugs that like to eat natural fibers. They're native to Oklahoma, and I'm sure that I carried them in on a skein of yarn I got from SWAK in January. So far they've eaten a bit (not to the point where I had to thrown it away) on some brushed mohair, totally mauled a purse I was working on from last year (which was gross, I think they laid eggs in it, as I found a bunch of the nasties in their second stage of development in it), and eaten apart the skein that I got from SWAK that I think they rode in on. We're also pretty sure that they ate on one of Rick's cotton sweaters that was hanging in the closet.

Attack! I've laid down TONS of cedar balls and blocks of cedar that were soaked in lavender oil to combat the problem. I think that I caught it before it got too bad, as they didn't get to the wool roving that I have for my spinning that was right out in the open. Hopefully this will be crisis averted, as I have trashed the infested yarn and will be freezing the rest (in baggies) in 20 minute increments to kill any remaining beasties and their eggs. I didn't see any in either of the plastic tubs with lids that I keep the rest of my yarn in, which is a good sign.

In the meantime, I have completed knitting on the mohair legwarmers that I was working on last time you heard from me; all I have left on them is the seaming and steaming.

Also, I bought a really cool knitting needle holder by Lantern Moon from The Gourmet Yarn Co. It's blue and green with silk lining...mmmmmm... Pics to come.

Sigh, very little progress on the untangling of the merino, lace-wieght yarn. Until next time, folks.

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Cat said...

Oh, that's awful! (and gross!)