Monday, March 07, 2005

Overwhelming! what have I been working on? A conglomoration of projects, although I'll warn you-no pictures yet.

1)My striped socks from yarn displayed in previous post

2)Postmodern Legwarmers pattern that I picked up from

3)Re-skeining a skein of lace-wieght merino that I shall be kool-aid dying for a shawl

4)Velvet Oblivion facemask from

Hopefully, once some of these projects are complete, I will be able to work on:

1)Purple/grey striped sweater that only needs to have the neck fixed, one sleeve completed and seamed up to be wearable (I have been working on this project for approximately one year now!)

2)Ricks armwarmers that will be from an altered Hurry Up Spring! pattern from my S&BN.

3)My green leaf/vine scarf

4)Ricks headset bag

5)Figuring out how to make the eyes for my fuzzy frog hat

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