Monday, September 26, 2005


So...what I should have been doing today was working on Rogue. We're getting now into that part of fall where it seems that every other day it's in the 70's. Soon it'll be getting chillier in the evenings, and I'll wish that I had it finished. Instead of progress (which I have actually made some, but I'll take a pic when I've got something done on the hood), I have a comparison prepared of what I should have been doing:

and what I actually worked on today:

Yep! If you'll notice there have been some changes made on the blog. Time for a list!

Things I learned how to change today (all on my own!):

1.How to turn the header on my blog into a pic I took in March
2.How to change the html tags for color in various parts of my blog
3.Where to go to change the amount of space around things on my blog (this was by accident
4.How to format the header picture to the size of my entries and sidebar

Perhaps I shall actually add some links to the sidebar next have some knitting content to display.

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