Thursday, August 23, 2007

So It's About Time!

Ha! So I'm back, and this time with pictures! I've been busy, so let's get the customary nature shot out of the way.

This is a yellow Eastern Swallowtail that was lazing about my backyard last week. I believe I mentioned something about it, yes? Maybe back when Blogger wasn't posting my pics? Yep, maybe then. (Cassa-1 Blogger-0)

I've also made a yarn score from Knitpicks, although it will probably be the last one for another while (although I think the last yarn purchase before this was for my b-day, back in June). Note the sheep checking out the new book. You can almost hear their scorn. They're saying, 'No wool? Pah! She can't possibly give up wool.' However, poor little sheep, I will add that this is a fantastic book! Lots of handy-dandy info about all sorts of non-woolies. If there are spinners out there this is a refreshing look at the fibers you spin and may already been familiar with-for knitters unfamiliar with non-woolies, this is definitely a good investment.

I bought some Shine Sport to make Sheldon out of, some Cotlin for some washcloths, some Gloss and a ball of Andean Treasure. Sounds like fun to me!

Oh yeah, you want spinning? I've got your spinning right here, baby!

How about 494 yds. of Rambouillet/Silk blend from Crystal Creek Fibers (ebay) in fingering weight. Remember the gigantor batts that I told you about? Batts nearly as tall as I am? Yeah, that's it, right there. Of course, since I have 20 oz. of it, that's not the last that you'll see of it.

On a final note: Monkeys. Everyone's doing them. I'm warning you now-do.Not.MONKEY! You will find it completely addicting and it will make you not want to make anything else.

Which is how I ended up with that.

Next time? What fun we can have when we visit Fae.


soxchik said...

I'm loving your monkey! I so have to put that on my queue. It's got to work out better than the pomatomus.

Carol said...

Uh oh, another great Monkey! Sheeps and monkeys and turtles oh my! I have to get on the Monkey boat! I lurve a box from KP! Every chance I get. I recently got the book too and really like it also. Very pretty butterfly, you get great shots of nature!